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Diet 2.0 - Homo sapiens diet
You will never be able to follow any sort of particular diet unless you understand the WHY.

Please watch this video in which I try to summarize the WHY behind Diet 2.0!
All mammals have a very specific diet that they are best suited for. Humans are hunter-gatherers and we function best when we eat the foods that our genetics are expecting.
Today, modern agricultural practices and modern food processing have dumped a massive quantity of refined carbohydrates (sugar and flour) and refined fats (oils) into the food supply, creating protein and nutrient dilution. Because humans eat to a tightly regulated protein and micronutrient satiety drive, we frequently overeat empty calorie carbs and fats just to get adequate protein and micronutrients.
Prior to modern agriculture and ultra-processed food, we ate a diet very high in protein and fiber, with a very high nutrient density.
In the summertime we were exposed to more carbohydrates (plant sugars) and more fats (fatter animals as well as more plant fats) and we would store more fat for the wintertime.

In the winter, we encountered less fat (leaner animals) and less plant sugars and we would lose weight.
Additionally, this combination of carbohydrates and fats together is intended to signal all omnivorous mammals to fatten in order to store energy for the future.